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Приложения на Google Play – Запись звонков ACR

ACR бесплатное приложение для записи телефонных звонков.

ACR записывает телефонные звонки. Ознакомьтесь со списком возможностей (ниже) и скачивайте лучшее приложение для записи звонков в Play Store.

Некоторые телефоны должным образом не поддерживают запись телефонного разговора. Это связано с возможностями различных чипсетов и процессоров, на которых построены смартфоны.

- группировка записей по дате

- автоматическая отправка почты (Pro)

- автоудаление старых записей

- маркировка записей как важные (не будут автоматически удаляться)

- множественный выбор, удаление, отправка

- отображение имени и фотографии контакта

- автоматическая или ручная запись (Pro)

- защита записей паролем

- множество форматов записи

- возможность отложенной записи

- различные режимы записи: по номеру, контакту, кроме контакта, выбранным контактам

Попробуйте разные форматы записи (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) для определения наиболее подходящего для Вашего телефона!

Best call:

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    7 Best Call Management Apps For Android Users

    7 Best Call Management Apps For Android Users

    By Rajeev Edmonds On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 with 0 Comment

    Nowadays every smartphone user keeps a handful of essential apps to make most out of their mobile device. Call management app is one of the most important applications used by large number of mobile users. These apps not only makes your daily call management easy, but also provides some extra features to facilitate some uncommon call related tasks that are not possible with the native commands. Android users have the advantage of massive collection of apps for almost every situation. There are several feature-packed call management apps for Android user-base. These apps not only increase your productivity, but also save your time and money. Each of these applications is available through 'Google Play', so you can rest assured that they are free from any kind of malware.

    Advanced Call Manager : I've used this app on Symbian platform and found it the best one for complete call management. It has a powerful rule-based filter that intelligently takes relevant actions provided by you. You can create rules for individual numbers as well as for group of numbers. It's light weight and quietly runs in the background. You can create different profiles with different set of rules and can activate the desired profile at your will. This saves your time giving you the flexibility to apply custom rules at different times during the entire day.

    Call Log Manager Pro : This is a powerful call log manager with lots of features. It uses the calendar to log the incoming call details. You can either log a single phone number or can choose selective numbers for logging. It also includes flexible search and export options to find and carry your logged data wherever you want. You can also configure auto-deletion of old call logging data as per your needs. You can also see detailed reports of incoming, missed and received calls in a user-friendly interface so that you can visualize the entire call activity on your phone correctly.

    Call Control - Call Blocker : If you're experiencing lots of unwanted and spammy calls and sms from anonymous callers then this application is a must-have for you. This app has a flexible call and sms blocker that intelligently detects known blacklisted phone numbers from across the world. You can also create your own blacklist and white-list to create different filters based on these lists. You can set different actions for blocked numbers like hangup, busy and much more. You can also block unwanted callers on the basis of area code and can also backup your lists both online or on your local data card.

    Call Master Key : This is yet another popular call management app for savvy users. It is extremely flexible in call and text routing and can create different rules on the basis of SMS content. It can also block MMS messages coming from selective numbers. Advanced users can also use regular expressions and wildcard characters to create powerful filters. It also supports encryption and password protection for your app-related data. You can also set custom notifications for important events depending on your requirements. This app also supports themes and you can choose one of the available skins that suits or matches with your phone's current theme.

    Call Guard(SMS Call Blocker) : This application works in invisible mode and supports several modes for flexible call blocking and routing. It can also block outgoing calls so that nobody else can misuse your phone when it is left unattended at public places. You can also password-protect the entire application so that nobody else can change its settings. It also includes a handy widget for home screen so that you can quickly access the application. You can also use different templates for numbers and area codes to block or divert a group of numbers in bulk.

    Call Timer Pro : This unique app is ideal for users receiving large number of important calls one after the other. You can set automatic hangups for selective calls that consume your time unnecessarily. It also gives you the flexibility to configure automatic alerts (ring or vibration ) that grabs your attention during the call at different intervals. This greatly helps in closing the call as soon as possible. This application has a very large user base that itself tells the popularity of this useful app. You can also create different types of automatic redials based on different conditions.

    BlackBaller Call & SMS Manager : This is perhaps the most flexible and powerful auto-reply app for SMS and incoming calls. It has lots of unique auto-reply features that are non-existent in other applications. You can also create powerful action-based filters and can schedule them to activate at the specific time of the day. It also has a smart rejection feature that makes the blacklist updation process a cakewalk. It also has an event logging module accompanied with password protection facility for the entire application. If you're looking for a powerful answering machine for your Android device, then this application fulfills that need.

    Best call


    Продаем правильно: Примеры возражений

    В возражениях покупателя необходимо видеть не отказ от совершения покупки, а интерес к предлагаемому товару. Если у клиента возникают «основные» возражения (о видах возражений я писал здесь) — это означает то, что покупатель созрел на совершение покупки, но есть определенные сомнения, которые удерживают его от необходимого шага. Показать полностью..

    В помощь новичкам, я решил привести примеры возражений от которых даже у опытных продавцов опускаются руки и вместо того, чтобы завершить продажу они попросту теряют покупателей.

    Итак, примеры самых распространенных и сложных на первый взгляд возражений:

    «Это дорого…» или « Мне такая вещь не по карману…»

    Это по моему опыту самая распространенная фраза, после которой продавцы прекращают работу с покупателем, но мы как люди желающие продавать больше, поступим иначе:

    «Это дорого…» ваш ответ «Я с вами согласен данный продукт стоит не мало, как вы думаете, стоит ли экономить на безопасности ваших близких?» Данную фразу часто применяют при продаже автомобилей, медицинских препаратов и т.д. Мы акцентируем внимание клиента не на высокой цене, а на заботе о благополучие своих близких и выгоде, которую не измерить материальными ценностями. Ведь каждый из нас хочет, чтобы его семья и близкие люди были здоровы и в полной безопасности. После подобного акцента, можно уточнить, как вы думаете, что дороже: переплата в тысячу долларов или уверенность в безопасности близких вам людей?

    «Мне это не нужно» или «Это меня не устраивает»

    Аргумент: «Мне это не нужно», можно фактически оценивать отказом, если он истинный. Но и в этом случае есть способы преодоления возражения. Для этого нам понадобится выяснить, почему покупатель считает, что наш продукт ему не интересен и привести примеры жизненных ситуаций, в которых действительно наш продукт необходим.

    Для наглядности приведу пример, связанный с продажей кредитных карт. Если несколько лет назад услуга была популярной, сейчас ее продавать становится все сложнее, т.к. экономический кризис 2008-2009 годов, научил людей с осторожностью относиться к кредитам. Предлагая покупателю кредитную карту, часто можно услышать в ответ: «Спасибо, я достаточно зарабатываю и в кредитах не нуждаюсь» Как правило, после этой фразы диалог между покупателем и продавцом оканчивается. Хотя продолжить диалог можно и в этом случае; задаются встречные вопросы:

    Скажите пожалуйста, были ли у вас ситуации, когда нужно срочно что-либо приобрести, а денег под рукой не было?

    Как вы думаете, если вдруг вам срочно понадобятся дополнительные средства, что удобнее: обзванивать знакомых, которые не факт что смогут занять деньги или воспользоваться кредитной картой, которая всегда под рукой и на счету есть необходимая сумма.

    А знаете ли вы про льготный период, в течение которого, можно погасить задолженность без дополнительных начислений?

    Поверьте на слово, подобные вопросы если и не продадут продукт сию минуту, то как минимум вызовут у покупателя интерес к товару и возражение будет преодолено.

    «У конкурентов лучше условия»

    Когда клиент заявляет о том, что у конкурентов лучше условия, цены, обслуживание и т.д. многие продавцы впадают в ступор, особенно если это действительно правда, а у нашей компании далеко не лучшая репутация на рынке. Итак, долой все угнетающие настроения, нам нужно преодолеть возражение. Перед вариантом преодоления, хочу напомнить читателям, что идеальных товаров, компаний и услуг нет в природе. Поэтому покупатель выбирает относительно выгодный для себя вариант. Теперь рассматриваем схему преодоления. Поинтересуйтесь у клиента работал ли он раньше с компанией, которая по его словам превосходит вашу во всех отношениях. Этим вопросом мы выясним, полученные покупателем знания являются его личным опытом или опытом его знакомых. В случае, если это личный опыт, по интересуйтесь по какой причине клиент прекратил или хочет прекратить сотрудничество со своей компанией. Таким образом вы выявите его потребности и будете знать, что можно предложить клиенту. Если знания о других компаниях покупатель почерпнул из отзывов знакомых, тут все намного проще. Всегда можно ответить, что отзыв – это субъективное мнение, а если бы у конкурентов все было так прекрасно, как ему говорят знакомые, то ваша фирма уже давно бы обанкротилась и т.д. Главное – никогда не отзывайтесь негативно о ваших конкурентах! Негативные высказывания в сторону других компаний, охарактеризуют вас не с лучшей стороны в глазах клиента.

    И напоследок, хочу напомнить о том, что не стоит забывать приводить преимущества клиента от сотрудничества с вами, а если преимуществ нет – это означает только одно: вы разочаровались в своей работе или компании, что повлечет за собой развал пирамиды успеха.

    Top 10 Best Call Recorder for Android (Free and Paid)

    10 Best Call Recorder Android Apps Available For Downloading

    Having an important conversation while knowing that you’ll probably forget it all when the call ends? Discussing ideas that will be lost just because you don’t have a pen and paper? Or maybe wanting proof that someone did say something to you? All of these and ,any more situations always seem to require a call recorder. Store it, save it and use it. The Play Store now has some nifty apps for most Android devices which not only record your call but can also automatically email it to you for you for later use!

    We have listed some of the best call recording apps for android devices in various sub-categories which you may choose from as per your requirements.

    Free Call Recording Android Apps 1. Call Recorder – ACR

    One of the most downloaded call recorders on Android, this app is compatible with almost all Android versions. This call recorder app comes with  features, like manual or auto call recording. password protection of recordings, auto deleting old recordings, marking recordings as important so they don’t get auto deleted, and many more.

    You can save your recordings in   formats like 3gp, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.

    Developer: NLL

    Availability: Download  from Play Store.

    2. Galaxy Call Recorder

    A handy app for users with Samsung phones. Galaxy recorder helps in storing 2 way conversations. As this app uses Android Standard API, the two-way recording will work only on some devices such as Samsung Note 3/2, Galaxy S5/4/3/2.  For other devices, the app uses microphone to capture audio which means you should turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to record voice from both sides.

    Developer: Indie Developer

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    3. Call Recorder

    The app lets you record all your calls in a very easy way as well as manage your call records. After installing the app, it will automatically start recording as soon as you make or receive a call.  The best part about this app is its ability to organize your call records.

    Developer: lovekara

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    4. RMC: Android Call Recorder

    Record My Call is a simple and free call recording app without many bells and whistles but the recordings themselves. This is a simple and free call recording app without any thrills or frills. The app is compatible with all HTC phones like Desire, Sensation XE, Samsung Galaxy S5 and others.  The new interface is available only for ICS and above.

    Call recording is not automatic and you shall have to enable the app.

    Developer: Nathaniel Kh

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    5. Easy Voice Recorder

    The next time you need to make record of your personal notes, meetings, classes and any other detail, this is the app for you. Moreover, Easy Voice Recorder lives up to its name and allows you to share and manage your recordings the easy way – plus back them up on your laptop or PC. The app allows you to record in the background, and easily manage the call recorder via a home screen widget.

    Your call recordings will be recorded to high quality PMC and AAC formats.

    Developer: Digipom

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    Paid Call Recorder Android Apps 6. Call Recorder Pro

    Call Recorder warns you that not every phone has the prerequisites for call recording, yet walks you through a few tips how to fix the issues, and offers plenty of settings to try out. You can lock certain conversations to prevent auto-deleting, automate the recording function. The Pro version allows you to share recording and even set the audio quality settings. The app is compatible with Nexus 5, HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5. Developer: Clever Mobile

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    7. Easy Voice Recorder Pro

    The Pro version has a few additional features, including the ability to boost the gain on the microphone of your device, resume previously stopped recordings, and exclude your recordings from being listed in the automatic Android “media scan” it uses to find music. Easy Voice lets you toggle between automatic and manual recording modes with its widget.

    The Pro app’s ratings are proof of its usefulness and efficiency. Developer: Digipom

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    8. Call Recorder Pro

    Simple and intuitive application with many features that actually work. Call record quality may differ on devices due to governing laws of the country. The app lets you enable or disable the automatic call recording. The pro version gibes the ability to manually record (pressing button while talking). ability to add notes to the records, send records by e-mail, automatically delete old records, add photos of contacts and many more features. Developer: palladium.dev.corp

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    9. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

    Auto Call Recorder lets you automatically record all calls, or choose to record only those not from numbers in your contacts list. You can then save or delete the call recordings as per your wish. You can also share the recordings and there is a recent Dropbox integration provided as well. The app is good for its cost as it has many features included such as automatic cloud storage for selected contacts and different modes of working.

    Developer: Appliqato (Appstar Solutions)

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    10. All Call Recorder Deluxe

    Simple and efficient call recorder solution for your Android phone. All Call Recorder records incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone. It saves telephone conversations in 3gp files. You can send recorded calls via e-mail, Skype, any cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, YouTube), Facebook, Bluetooth etc.

    The recordings can be automaic or you may choose the calls you wish to record. Developer: Android Labs

    Availability: Download from Play Store.

    One never knows which call could someday be needed again. A call recording application comes very handy in retrieving data, as proof or for simply saving conversations for the sake of good ol’ times. The above applications all come with compatibility lists and it is thus advised that the user check the list and try the free versions of these applications first.

    Best Android Call Recording App FREE

    Best Android Call Recording App FREE Android Call Recording App allows user to record conversation of an ongoing call.

    We’ve seen phone manufacturers to include a default call recorder app with many phone. But, recently they are dropping this feature from most handset. If you are missing a call recorder app on your android phone then there is plenty of third-party app available on play store in both free and premium nature. On this page we will focus on some of the bestВ Best Android Call Recording App for FREE.

    Checkout and Download Top Free Android call recorder app : MP3 InCall Recorder Automatic Call Recorder

    Another most rated and popular app for call recording job. The app allows to set which calls should be recorded and which should not be. Recordings will be saved in an inbox, from where user can Listen, add notes and share. Dropbox synchronization uploads recordings to cloud. There is also a pro version of Automatic Call Recorder app available allowing to automatically record call from particular contacts and save them to cloud.

    Galaxy Call Recorder

    Download these Best Android Call Recording App and try on your device. Let us know which android call recorder app you are currently using. Check out more great free apps in our Best Android Apps section.

    Good call - это

    good call это: Смотреть что такое "good call" в других словарях:

    Good call! — exclam. That was a good decision! ? Good call, Walter! You picked the right company to deal with. ? I guess this was Jane’s choice. Good call, Jane … Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

    good call! — Exclam. Good thinking! Good decision! Orig. U.S … English slang and colloquialisms

    Good call — well done; right … Dictionary of Australian slang

    good call — Australian Slang well done; right … English dialects glossary

    call — [kol] vt. [ME callen < Late OE ceallian & or < ON kalla < IE base * gal. to scream, shriek > Brythonic galw, call, Ger klage & (?) MIr gall, swan] 1. to say or read in a loud tone; shout; announce [to call the names of stations] 2.… … English World dictionary

    call — /k?l / (say kawl) verb (t) 1. to cry out in a loud voice. 2. (of a bird or other animal) to utter (its characteristic cry). 3. to announce; proclaim: to call a halt. 4. to read over (a roll or list) in a loud voice. 5. to attract the attention of … Australian English dictionary

    Call of Duty (серия игр) — Серия Call of Duty Жанр Action, Шутер от первого лица … Википедия

    call — 1. n. a decision; a prediction. ? That was a good call, Mike. ? The market behaved just as you said it would. Good call. 2. tv. to challenge someone. ? I called him, but he ignored me … Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

    call — n. a prediction. Good call. That s what actually happened … English slang

    Better Call Saul References - Callbacks to Breaking Bad

    Or are they Saulforwards? Either way, we've rounded up the hints from season one.

    Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

    Each week of season one we've catalogued these Easter eggs (at least the ones we noticed), and now that we've reached the finale, here are a whole season's worth of 'em. Enjoy your hunting.

    Season 1, Episode 10: "Marco"

    Rejecting a life-changing offer

    A Con Expert Weighs in on This Week's 'Better.

    The white Caddy is born

    For the entirety of BCS 's first season, Jimmy drives a lemon-yellow beater that belongs under a monster truck's tires. We know he'll eventually get a white Cadillac and now we know where the idea came from. As Marco says when he learns Jimmy's a lawyer, "You gotta be king of the desert, driving around town in a white Caddy making bank." In due time.

    The pinky ring appears

    Speaking of Marco, the pinky ring we knew Saul to wear throughout Breaking Bad came from the late conman. It also appears to carry some of his lifeforce. As Jimmy begins to walk into the meeting that would propel his law career, the ring repels him.

    The Kevin Costner story

    "I once convinced a woman that I was Kevin Costner and it worked because I believed it, all right?" That's Saul talking to Walt in the third season of Breaking Bad. A funny line, but not one we thought would be explained further on BCS. And yet, there Jimmy was in last night's episode, with a confused woman hovering over him yelling about how he's not Kevin Costner. "I was last night," he says. For your reference, here's a side-by-side .

    A Georgia O'Keeffe namedrop

    This one might be a stretch, but during his Bingo-interrupting rant about about Albuquerque, Jimmy calls the town "a soulless, radioactive Georgia O'Keeffe hellscape." Why's that relevant? Near the end of Breaking Bad 's second season, Jane convinces Jesse to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum with her.

    Same rant, better reference. As Jimmy cycles through a stream of words that start with the letter B during the horrific bingo game, he lands on Belize. "Beautiful place. So I've heard. I would love to go there but let's face it, that's never going to happen." If you're familiar with Breaking Bad. you know that's a good thing. In the show's parlance, sending someone to Belize is a euphemism for killing them. And despite his pessimism about ever getting a chance to visit the tropical nation, Saul was once offered a one-way ticket .

    Season 1, Episode 9: "Pimento"

    Mike enters the underworld

    In sports, players who perform without panache and remain happily under the radar are often compared to blue-collar workers—never mind the six-figure salaries. On his first gig as a freelance member of the Albuquerque underworld, Mike Ehrmantraut is exceedingly workmanlike. Standing between his would-be teammates, he looks like a feeble old man, lacking the overwhelming size of the goateed giant and the bravado of the pistol-toting racist. He's even packed a brown paper bag with a pimento sandwich. As we soon see, though, Mike might look like Uncle Fester but he's as powerful as Lurch. In Better Call Saul. we've already seen Mike show off his brains. In "Pimento" we see the braun, as he disarms camo pants, incapacitates him, and takes on a three-man job by himself. This being Mike, the job goes off without a hitch, not that it required any of the physicality he displayed in the parking garage. Always prepared, Mike knew who he was dealing with before riding out to the desert with the Mr. Bunsen-lookalike who called himself Price. Accordingly, the exchange was uneventful, just as everyone hoped. This is the Mike we would see working for Gus and then alongside Walt and Jesse. No style, all competence.

    Mike encounters Nacho

    Not only did that exchange give us a peek at Mike as we would know him best in Breaking Bad —calmly protecting a drug dealer in slacks—but it introduced him to Nacho Varga, an associate of Tuco Salamanca's. Tuco is the nephew of Hector Salamanca and Hector is Gus Fring's arch nemesis. Mike, of course, will become Gus's righthand man. Mike and Nacho, on opposite sides in "Pimento," will be on opposite sides forever.

    Criminals can be good guys

    Most of the "Saulbacks" we've noted are early glimpses at character traits or relationships that would be carried through Breaking Bad. but occasionally there's a thematic similarity. Mike articulates one of those to Price after the desert drug deal with Nacho. As he explains it, there's a difference between a criminal and a bad guy. Once you break the law, you're a criminal. But "Good one, bad one, that's up you." Sound familiar? When Walt, who this pill-slinging nerd quite clearly evokes, began cooking meth, he stood on one side of the dichotomy. He was a criminal, but a good guy, motivated by a desire to help his family and not out to hurt anyone else (except for meth addicts). Over the course of the series, he would slide over to become the most vicious version of a criminal bad guy.

    Better Call Saul (TV series) - Breaking Bad Wiki

    Better Call Saul (TV series)

    Official Better Call Saul logo

    Better Call Saul is a television series spin-off from Breaking Bad . The first season of Better Call Saul premiered on February 8, 2015. [1] [2]


    "'Better Call Saul tells the story of mall-based super lawyer Saul Goodman in the years before he became Walter White's attorney. From parking tickets to mass murder, from slip-and-fall to bond fraud, Saul handles it all. " ―Press release [3]

    First publicly released photo from the set of Better Call Saul

    On April 2013, it was announced that a spin-off series focusing on Saul Goodman was being developed by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould ; the latter wrote the episode that introduced the character. Gilligan had considered it in a July 2012 interview: "I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He'll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun—I would like that."

    In July 2013, Gilligan commented that the series had yet to be green-lit but he and Gould are "full speed ahead on trying to get going." In developing the series, the producers considered giving the show a half-hour format, but ultimately decided on an hour-long format. The spin-off will be produced by Sony Pictures Television and AMC, air on AMC, and serve as a prequel to Breaking Bad. During his appearance on Talking Bad. Odenkirk noted that Saul was one of the more popular characters on the show, speculating that the audience likes the character because he is the program's least hypocritical figure, and is good at his job.

    Real-world billboard for James McGill (Saul's birthname) appearing in Albuquerque. NM in July 2014.

    In September 2013, AMC and Sony Pictures Television confirmed that AMC have bought the rights to screen Better Call Saul  in the US and that episodes would be one hour long. [4] In December 2013 Netflix announced it had secured the rights to stream the series in all territories after the first season finale airs in 2014. [5]

    In January 2014, it was announced that Jonathan Banks would be reprising his role as Mike Ehrmantraut as a series regular. [6] On June 19, 2014 the first official set photo was released, featuring Bob Odenkirk. Vince Gilligan, and Peter Gould. It was also announced on the same day that Better Call Saul was renewed for a second season, but the first season was pushed back until the first quarter of 2015. Thomas Schnauz and Gennifer Hutchison, both of which worked on Breaking Bad were confirmed for the writing staff of the spin-off. [1]

    In a press release, AMC confirmed the line-up of series regulars for Better Call Saul. set to premiere in early 2015. Joining Odenkirk are Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad. Wiseguy ) as “fixer” Mike Ehrmantraut. Michael McKean (This is Spinal Tap ) as Chuck McGill. Rhea Seehorn (Franklin & Bash. House of Lies ) as Kim Wexler. Patrick Fabian (Big Love. Grey’s Anatomy ) as Howard Hamlin and Michael Mando (Orphan Black. The Killing ) as Nacho Varga – characters that will represent both legitimate and illegitimate sides of the law.