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Movavi Share Online

Free Photo and Video Uploader Upload video files to YouTube* really fast

Dont hide your awesome home videos offline. Share them with the world in no time, thanks to Movavis free video uploader. You can upload video to YouTube in many popular formats, including AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, 3GP, HD video, and more.

Upload files on Amazon S3 or FTP server Upload video on Facebook

Whats the quickest way to liven up your Facebook page? Its simple add videos, eye-catching photos, and images. You just need to authenticate once, and then every video you record is just one click away from amazing your Facebook friends.

Include file info: title, tags, description, etc.

When sharing video online and uploading pictures on Facebook, Movavi lets you add file information like title, tags, description, category, privacy levels, and more. Plus, you can change these parameters for multiple files at once.

Upload video right from Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter converts videos for uploading to the web. Integrate it with the YouTube uploader and, right after Video Converter program finishes, Share Online will automatically upload multiple videos to YouTube.

Movavis Video Sharing Software.

Video uploader:

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    Mass Video Uploader to Upload Videos to YouTube, Dailymotion

    Mass Video Uploader to Upload Multiple Videos to YouTube, Dailymotion

    AV Media Uploader is a free mass video uploader for video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Make4Fun. Videos that you’d like to upload are first added to a list. Once you’ve done that you need to login to account on the website where you’d like to see videos uploaded. After clicking Upload, all the videos are automatically uploaded, one after another, without you having to wait for upload of one of them to be completed before starting another.

    Interface of AV Media Uploader can be see on the image below. It’s very compact and simplistic. Left sidebar holds a list of supported websites, the three that we’ve already mentioned. On the right you get everything else. List of videos for upload, with various different settings and controls down below takes up a better part of the interface of this free automated YouTube uploader. Each video can have different title, category, privacy settings, tags and description.

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    Key features of AV Media Uploader – free mass video uploader are:
    • Small and lightweight – works fast doesn’t take up a lot of resources
    • Automated multiple video upload to YouTube, Make4Fun and Dailymotion
    • Allows you to add separate info for videos that’re being uploaded
    • Set video titles, privacy settings, description, tags and so on
    • Video URL generator – after upload finishes you get direct video link

    Number of videos that can be uploaded is not limited, but the website restrictions that apply when you’re uploading videos to YouTube manually still apply here. Video length, format and everything else still has to be in accordance with the rules of the website where videos are being uploaded. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

    How to upload multiple videos to YouTube, Dailymotion and Make4Fun automatically with AV Media Uploader

    First thing that you should do is click on the Login button in the top right corner of the screen. Enter login info for the selected video sharing service and once again click Log in.

    Add all the videos that you’d like to upload to the upload list using the Add button, available below the list on the left. To add video info, make sure that you first select it from the list. Boxes down below for title, privacy settings and everything else will become editable. When you’re done with the setup, the only thing that’s left for you to do is click on Upload in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Each file will be automatically uploaded, one after another. It’s important that their are in the correct format, otherwise you’ll get errors when trying to upload. Address of the uploaded file will become available in the URL column. Right click on a video and select Copy URL to quickly add the link to clipboard.


    AV Media Uploader will save you a lot of time that you would normally spend on uploading each video manually. This free mass video uploader is easy to use, offers a lot of options, separate info for each individual file, and best of all it’s free. Give it a try and see how it goes.

    Video Uploads on Vimeo on Vimeo Developer API

    Upload API

    Prerequisite: After youve created your first API application, you can request upload access for your app:

    • Go to (My Apps) and click on the name of one of your apps.
    • Choose Request Upload Access.
    • On the Request Upload Permissions screen, answer the three questions and click Request Upload Access.
    • Youll see the message "Requested - Pending decision. You should receive a decision within 5 business days of your request."
    Uploading overview
    1. Check the quota: before you can upload you need to make sure the file is not too big
    2. Get a ticket: all upload-related calls need a ticket
    3. Send the video data: you can do this in multiple ways (more on this later)
    4. Verify the transfer: make sure all your data made it to our servers
    5. Complete the upload: tell Vimeo that the data transfer is over and its time to encode the video
    Which uploading approach should you use? There are three ways to transfer the video data to us: POSTing the file, streaming the file, or letting us download the file from your server. Which approach you choose depends on the capabilities of the environment youre working in and your level of comfort with network programming. Here are some considerations:
    • Post: This is the simplest integration; it allows your users to upload directly to Vimeo using a standard HTML form and bypass your server entirely. But if there are any network connectivity errors, the user will have to retry the entire upload. And you can't display a progress bar.
    • Streaming: This is better if you have a more integrated app (like mobile) and want more robust handling of connectivity issues, providing your users with pause, progress bars, and resume. You also have the option to use client-side JavaScript (with the HTML5 File object) to perform and verify the upload, which shifts this work from your server to the user's browser. But streaming is also the most complex approach.
    • Automatic (Pull): This is the best (and easiest) approach if the video is already posted on the Internet, at a URL accessible by Vimeo's upload server. All you need to do is provide us with the URL, and we'll automatically grab (pull) it (and transparently handle any connectivity issues that might arise).
    The players in all three approaches are the same:
    • API Provider: Vimeo
    • API Consumer: You
    • User: Client who wants to upload their video to your site
    Check users quota The users quota is part of their user response. Before you can upload, youll need to make sure that uploading the file would not exceed the users weekly quota:
    • Basic: up to 500MB of video per week.
    • Plus: up to 5GB of video per week.
    • PRO: up to 20GB of video per week.

    The shortcut for the current user is /me:

    GET /me

    Top Video Upload Software

    Top Video Upload Software

    Any special, funny, interesting, warm, elegant, exciting, informative videos you have, just share it with more people online by uploading them to video sharing websites, you know, YouTube, Dailymotion, facebook, etc. You may encounter this kind of situation that the uploading process slow down the network speed or crashes after a long time waiting, and even worse your browser isnt compatible with the website which you are about to upload videos.

    We are familiar with software which is used to save a video from a website. Sometimes you are in need of effortless and doable way to upload videos to websites, free video uploader will do you a good favor. Basically, you just import your videos, choose upload website, and offer the registered account if needed.

    Then use the video upload software to upload and post videos to specified video sharing sites. Moreover, there are some extra features like track the number of views of uploaded video, which comes from different sources. Hence, you are going to get suggestions of free YouTube uploader. best facebook video uploader, good Vimeo video uploader, etc in this post.

    Top Video Upload Software

    Apparently, the free browser extension was created by Mozilla Firefox. It is used to upload files to multiple online websites within Firefox browser. This video upload tool has dual-pane, which gives you an intuitive process to input local video or image files, then output for intended websites. For video uploading, it supports YouTube and Facebook. If you prefer to use Firefox browser, its a nice choice to use this add-on for efficient video upload to YouTube and facebook wall.

    1. It may be not compatible with some Firefox versions, like Firefox7.0 or 8.0.


    1. It supports to upload videos in many formats including, mpeg, avi, mov, asf, wmv, mpg.

    2. The video Uploader supports Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems.

    3. Upload multiple videos to different websites in a row.

    Recording video from Google Video, you need an overwhelming comprehensive Streaming Video Recorder. It facilitates you to record flv streaming video and capture adobe flash videos and record silverlight video. any videos you want.

    Free YouTube Uploader

    Some Tips for uploading videos on YouTube:

    There is no doubt that, YouTube gives us the chance to make our videos accessible for a great deal of viewers. YouTube itself has good uploading support that multiple common videos formats are included, like WMV, MPEG4, AVI, h264, 3GP, MOV, MPG2 and FLV. Using the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox 4 or later version, Internet explorer, you will obtain optimized uploading experience.

    However, sometimes our applications or systems may not have the conditions or compatibility for uploading videos to YouTube. For example, the flash based player of YouTube doesnt works well on your Linux system.

    Try free video uploader dedicated for YouTube video uploading will eliminate your hassles and facilitate you accomplish tasks in time and effort saving way.

    This software is created by DVDVideoSoft. Offering fastest upload process and batch uploading videos to YouTube is the highlight feature of this free YouTube Uploader. You can edit video info as you do in real YouTube interface. Set the video title, description, category and privacy settings. The supported size of video file for uploading is up to 1G.


    1. Fast way to upload large quantity of videos in short time.

    2. Optimized way to upload long or big size video.

    3. Intuitive and easy to use interface.

    On contrary way, YouTube Video Ripper will gain you ability to rip videos off YouTube in batch and convert ripped videos to watch with wireless digital players.

    It is multi-functional software with excellent video uploading function for several popular websites. The supported video sharing websites are YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Viddler, Dailymotion In addition, you can even send video as emails.

    Before uploading video, it enables you to crop and preview video. After posting video on specified websites, you can get the embed code for further sharing on other destinations such as, blog or community website. The lite edition can works on Windows and Mac Systems.

    It also has a pro version which is 14.95 $ USD offers more options to handle the uploading task.

    Vigleo is a good choice for uploading videos to Vimeo, Vmeo Video Recorder will be the best solution to record video from Vimeo .

    This free video uploader integrates video editing and uploading features. It works as upgrade version of Windows Movie Maker to edit and improve videos as you expect. There are editing video actions like trim, add text, pictures, or change video effects and transition. You can output video as preferred format, e.g. avi, mpeg, rm, wmv. It supports direct upload videos to YouTube.

    Videospin offers 15-day free trial of some advance formats including mpeg4, mp2,Divx. If you want to continue use them after trial period, you are suggested to purchase them.

    This freeware is specialized files uploader for Facebook, it helps you to upload photos and videos to facebook within several steps. You just enter you account info, then you can add videos for uploading straightforwardly to Facebook. It allows you to upload videos to multiple different facebook accounts at same time. It also has advantage to upload large size and long duration video onto facebook. Very simple to use interface, you can master it with little savvy.

    There are many facebook video upload helpers. Actually, you can not only post video on facebook but also record facebook video from other users’ facebook walls.

    Veoh Uploader

    Veoh video website itself has veoh uploader. You can free download and use it. It is able to upload videos to veoh in bulk and even download some veoh videos which are available for downloading.

    But not all veoh videos can be downloaded with this program, then you can alternatively record video from veoh with professional Online Video Recorder.

    AVS4YOU >> Appendix >> AVS Video Uploader >> Using AVS Video Uploader

    Using AVS Video Uploader

    To upload your video files to one of the popular video-sharing websites using AVS Video Uploader. follow the easy steps below:

    Selecting the needed video-sharing website

    First of all select the website you want to upload your video file(s) to by clicking the appropriate button on the panel situated on the left. The following options are available: Facebook. Dailymotion. YouTube. Photobucket. TwitVid. MySpace. Flickr .

    If you already have an account at the selected video-sharing website, enter your login and password into the appropriate fields. You can clear both fields by clicking the Reset Account Settings button.

    Creating a new account

    If you have no registration at the selected website, click the Create New Account link. After that the index page of the selected video-sharing website will automatically open where you can register and create an account. Then enter your account and password into the appropriate fields.

    Jugnoon video uploader for mvc

    ASP.NET MVC Video Uploading and Publishing Script.

    JUGNOON Video Uploading & Publishing script for ASP.NET MVC allows developers to implement advance real time video uploading, publishing, cloud storage and saving video data in database just by integrating easy to use script in your ASP.NET MVC projects. it can allow you to upload, publish and manage unlimited number of videos at a time but videos to be published in sequential mode one by one to avoid overload on server.

    Main features of Jugnoon Video Uploader too includes.

    Video Publishing

    List of published videos

    Technical Information

    Jugnoon Video Uploader can be easily integrate and use in your existing mvc projects. It is currently written using ASP.NET MVC 5 (builtin project) with bootstrap 3.0 compatible theme.

    Configuration Options

    Jugnoon Video Uploader configuration can be managed from web.config file. Here is list of configurations supported.

    • sourcepath. source directory path e.g "contents/source/" where to upload original videos
    • publishedpath. published directory path e.g "contents/published" where to save published videos
    • allowedextensions. list of videos extensions to be allowed for uploading.
    • maxfilesize. max file size e.g "1000" mb to be allowed.
    • chunksize. chunksize e.g "10mb" in order to send video file in chunks if your video is too huge.
    • maxallowedvideos. no of videos to be allowed to upload at a time.
    • outputformat. output video format e.g .mp4. In order to choose another format you must also set encoding settings according to your choosen video format.

    Make sure you allow large videos files in your mvc website by increasing file upload size limitation in web.config file.

    Directory Structure:

    Jugnoon Video Uploader list features in the following directories

    • Areas. where core video api written which is responsible for uploading, processing, sending progress information to client browser, check video publishing status and more. Within areas, there is single controller responsible for everything named "videoController "
    • Contents. where to save original and published videos. you can change your directory structure according to your site requirement.
    • Controllers. there is only one controller used in jugnoon video uploader script named "mediaController ". It is responsible for loading upload video module in lazer view.
    • css. List of bootstrap 3.3.2 compatible themes used in this project.
    • ffmpeg . Core utility for processing videos
    • mp4box. Core utility for adding meta information to mp4 videos to be make it compatible for web streaming.
    • Models. Only one model used "VideoSettingsModel " responsible for sending configuration data set in web.config file to upload module.
    • Plugins. Plugin like plupload located here.
    • Views. few files used for loading home and upload page. Most files located here depends on builtin mvc project which doesn't have any role in jugnoon video uploader.
    Permission Settings:

    In order to upload videos properly. you must provide full or write permission to the following directories

    Also make sure full trust configuration enable on your server in order to allow script to process / publish videos.

    Video API Important Calls

    As mentioned earlier there is only one controller in area section "videoController" with few methods responsible for handling upload and video processing activities while communicating with jQuery upload application. here is list of video api calls and their usage with customization instruction.

    I: /api/video/upload: this method is responsible for uploading video files, one by one. You can access this method from /Areas/api/Controllers/videoController.cs file

    // upload script here

    If you want to change the path of directory where to save video, you can do this via this line

    II:/api/video/encode: this is the main method responsible for video encoding and sending video progress information to client browser. This method publish each video in background while using advance script to calculate how much video processed and send all video processing stats to jquery application in JSON format where to display stats in progress bar.

    In encode method the main section involve isvideo encoding or publishing. here we used our own utility Media Handler Pro to publish videos, images, audio files by executing any type of ffmpeg commands. We recommend using latest ffmpeg build with upto date commands for better result. Here is how we use code for publishing mp4 videos

    Parameters attribute is the most important attribute, you can use it to pass almost any type of ffmpeg command according to your own settings here.

    Make sure the command you are sending properly supported by ffmpeg you are using. In case of error you will see error message with error code as shown in screenshot. For more detail visit

    Review rest of method features, you will understand how everything works. Code is writtne in a well mannered and easy to undertandable format.

    II:/api/video/published: This method call except list of uploaded and published files in JSON Array and process all files. Processing includes

    • Validate each file to make sure videos are published properly.
    • Rename each published video to avoid duplication issue.
    • Allow you to use any cloud API to send published videos to cloud storage e.g amazon s3
    • Allow you to save each video information in database
    • You can do any type of custom processing here before sending response to jQuery application with published report.
    • We used to display published information, you can add jquery code to redirect user to another page e.g myaccount or my videos page once video processing completed.
    Video Uploader Module:

    Video uploader module located in normal /views/media/upload.chtml page. upload.chtml page include both html and jquery code. You can customize both according to your needs.

    Feedbacks and Error Report:

    We appreciate reporting feedbacks and error reports to make this solution more feature rich and easy to use. you can contact us via our official support mail.

    YouTube Video Uploading on Windows Phone Solved

    YouTube Video Uploading on Windows Phone Solved

    You would think uploading a video to YouTube was easy. Not so on Windows Phone! Until now. Finally, apps have arrived and the days of fiddly and pointless email uploads have come to pass.

    Windows Phone and Google products dont generally get along, which is perhaps why it has been such a problem to find a reliable and consistent method of uploading video from a Windows Phone device to YouTube. We previously looked at ways of sharing your video clips online with Facebook and other services, in which it was revealed how to upload a clip to YouTube using email. This method is remarkable for its lack of elegance, however, and has fortunately been superseded by a handful of apps for which uploading to the popular video service is childs play.

    Focus: Reliable Solutions

    There are two apps were going to focus on, Tube Pro and Nokia Video Uploader. When this post was conceived, I had intended to look at a third, Microsofts “official” (read: designed to comply with Googles strict specifications and ever-changing API) YouTube app .

    However, true to form (in August 2013 the app was blocked by Google and pulled from the Windows Phone Store until Microsoft made some changes), at the time of writing, this app appears to have broken once again, with endless refrains of “Something happened, we’re not sure what” whenever viewing, searching or uploading a video is attempted. (Be aware that there are other issues between Google and Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone, not least the perhaps more important issue with email and calendar syncing .)

    This is particularly unfortunate as the app had every chance of being the most popular YouTube app in the store. While it might suddenly start working again, reliance on apps requires a certain amount of trust; perhaps it is better to leave this one alone now

    A complete mobile YouTube experience for Windows Phone, Tube Pro not only allows uploading of videos to your YouTube account, it also facilitates downloads, playlists and more. The Sign In button in the top left enables you to connect the app to your YouTube account, while uploading can only be done with videos recorded within the app, via the Recorded tile.

    Here, you can tap the camera record button to capture your clip, then pause to finish before tapping the Upload button to send the clip to YouTube.

    When uploading a video you can add a title, description and tags, and it shouldnt be long before the finished product is available on YouTube.

    Tube Pro is free, but ad-supported; there is an ad-free version called SuperTube ($1.29) available.

    Nokia Video Upload

    Despite the title of the previous app, this is the one I consider the pro solution. It is fast, efficient and does exactly what it says. Windows Phone doesnt necessarily need any bells and whistles when it comes to YouTube apps as HTML5 video is already supported; browsing the YouTube site and streaming through the native video player is simple.

    Nokia Video Upload makes the process of uploading a clip to YouTube largely effortless. As long as you have added your account details, youll be ready to upload clips each time you launch the app; recent clips are presented in a typical Windows Phone grid view for you to quickly access.

    Attributes can be set via the menu, limited to a Clip title and the choice to toggle whether the clip remains Private or not.

    Tapping the Upload button best done over Wi-Fi is the final stage, and the app displays a progress bar to let you know how long it will be until the upload finishes. Note that you will have to leave the app open (dont press Start, Back or switch the phone into standby or attempt to launch the camera) until the upload is complete.

    As with almost all of thegreat Nokia apps for Windows Phone. this is a focused, polished app that partly resolves the problem of a missing YouTube upload option in the device camera.

    Easy Uploading to YouTube on Windows Phone Is Finally Achievable

    As I prefer not to be distracted or bogged down by the presence of the full YouTube experience in Tube Pro. my favoured option for uploading video to YouTube is the Nokia Video Upload app, available both as a standalone app and as a sharing option from within the Windows Phone camera.

    Tube Pro, meanwhile, is a reliable alternative, complete with everything you could possibly need from a YouTube app, including the all-important upload tool.

    Do you use either of these solutions to upload video to YouTube? Do you use another app? Let us know in the comments below.

    Bandicam Screen Recorder - Game Recording Software

    Introduction · Advanced user tips › Video uploading to (How to upload) How to upload the recorded video to - Bandicam

    Vimeo is a video-sharing website through which users can upload, share and view videos.

    This website allows the user to upload and share their HD videos without ads .

    Bandicam 2.3.0 or higher versions allow you to upload the recorded videos to directly.

    * If you haven't tried the Vimeo service, please see the tutorial below.

    - If you don't have a Vimeo account, click "Need to sign up? " or "Log in with Facebook ".

    5. Uploading will be started as soon as you have clicked the "Allow" button. 6. After uploading, click the [Copy ] button to share your video on other websites.

    - If you click the [Go] button, you will see the "Waiting in Line" or "Converting" webpage if you're logged in to Vimeo.

    - If you click the [Go] button, you will see the "Page not found" webpage if you're not logged in to Vimeo.

    * Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    1. Non-Plus users of Vimeo can upload up to 500 MB of videos per week.

    2. If the "Upload to" window closes after clicking the Upload button, set your computer's date and time correctly, and then try it again.

    3. If you still can't upload videos to Vimeo, please verify your email address, and then try it again.